Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Dear Parents, This is my final blog for our year. It is hard to believe. It will be just a few things.

Monday, May 25- All late work is due- that would also mean any reading or math they didn't get done on Friday
Tuesday, May 26- Any science and religion will be due that hasn't been turned in yet. 
Wednesday, May 27- Social Studies is due
Thursday, May 28- Pick up supplies. Mrs. Simmons put out a sign up sheet. I hope you picked your time. 

That's it. I am putting a little something special in their pick up bags.

I hope you know that while this was not my favorite way of  teaching your children, we did it! I so wish we could have been back in the classroom. I am trying NOT to think about the things we didn't get to do. Your kids are all awesome! I love every one of them!!!! This has not been an easy time for any of us, but thank you so much for your support and understanding. That means a great deal to me too. I also know I am done with some of you because it is your youngest. UGH! Thank you for sending your kids to our school. Thank you for entrusting me with them for the year. Thank you for letting me spend this time with them and hopefully given them some new information, but also some new memories. They will always be my Covid class!  ( Not sure if that is a good thing or not, but that is part of our memories I guess).

They told me their hopes for after Covid-19... I hope they get to see them come true!  Have a wonderful summer. Hopefully it will feel more normal than our spring. I know I can't give your kids hugs right now, so please give them a squeeze from me!
God Bless,
Miss Surma

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Hello Parents, First, thank you so much for that awesome poster you created with your kids! I absolutely love it! It made my day!!! ❤❤❤

Reading- Book Report Slides are due on Monday morning by 9 am. We also will be meeting that day . They need to come dressed in their costume and be ready to share 5 facts about their person. I am loving the pictures you guys are sending me! They are so cute! Cute might not be the right word...but I love them. My niece is making a video of them. I chose a song to be used. You CANNOT share the video publicly. I don't have copyright permission. This is just for you to enjoy. I won't be posting it on our Facebook page. I will email you the video once I have it.  Again, please don't post it anywhere. 

Photos are due this Friday. Thanks again! 

Math- Well, I have discovered that teaching fractions this way is not my cup of tea. Some of your kids are struggling. Part of the problem is that they aren't watching the videos and just do the work, they watch it one time and think they understand, or they are just googling the answers and not learning the process. I am thankful they at least admit these things to me. 
The biggest is watching the video one time and thinking they understand. They need to watch a few times and practice because they are having to redo a lot of assignments OR we are sitting on the phone together to get it done correctly. I don't mind the phone calls, I really don't, but I think if they would watch videos more than once, things might be a little better. If we were at school, I'd stamp their work with a stamp that says, "Did with teacher". I will probably mark that on their assignments online from now on. I know we don't have a lot of time left but they will have a lot more paper work they have to do in order to get their answers because I am going to continue moving on. It will require more work from them. 
(Adding fractions with unlike denominators) That work will have to be shown to me.  If they are really struggling, please have them call me and we will walk through it together.

Religion- This week they read the story of Saul and how he became blind, but could then see and changed his name to Paul. We will also be talking about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit as well as the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. Next Wednesday will be the final religion assignment. 

May 22, 2020- This is the last day we will give assignments. 

May 28, 2020- This will be the day you can come pick up your child's belongings as  well as turn in any library books or chromes you've been using during this time. Mrs. Simmons will put out a plan for that day and how we will do the pick up. It might look a little like that day in March. 

Moms- I hope you all had a great Mother's Day! My trip back home was great...even if it was 8 hours in a car. 

I hope you have a great weekend! 
God Bless,
Miss Surma

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Hello Parents, How are you doing this week? I hope everyone is well. The weather is a tad cooler this week. Looking ahead...we really only have 2 weeks left.

Religion- The Google slides last week were really good. I am excited to see what they do in reading!
This week is their lesson on Maria Goretti.

Math- We moved on to being able to compare fractions this week. We are also going to work on comparing mixed numbers.  Once we have that we will move on to adding and subtracting fractions.

Reading - I have seen everyone's notes now! They should be working on their slides now. I posted instructions and emailed them to them. Don't forget to take a picture of your child in their costume and send to me by May 15. You can just have them stand there in it or give it some life... Dolly Parton could be singing in a mic, Michael Jordan might be shooting hoops, Amelia could be flying...maybe not the crashing :) , Bill Gates could be working at his computer, Anne might be writing in her journal , Thomas Jefferson might be taking his oath of office or signing the Declaration! Tim might be scoring a goal! Josie could be riding her horse! Tara...studying or writing her book. Lafayette might be heading into battle! Jackie Kennedy might be writing or waving to people in a parade... again..not the shooting. Babe Ruth might be at batting practice or working on a farm. Stan Lee could be drawing a new comic.
Either email or text me the picture. Thanks! 

Slides are due on May 18. They will need to be in costume during our Google meet on May 18.

On their daily work I am being really picky on writing in complete sentences. Some could put more effort into their answers, especially when it asks them how they know. They really should be giving me as many details as possible. This is not all 5th graders...just some of them.  They usually have to correct if they get docked too many points.

Science- this will be due on Monday. Some are having a hard time completing the assignment. They do part of it but not all. Mrs. Burg is sending them back to finish.

Social Studies - the new assignment comes out tomorrow (Thursday). It will be due next Wednesday. I know she was waiting for some things to be turned in today (they were due at 3:00 today)

Mother's Day- I hope all of you Moms get spoiled by your kids this weekend! I know you deserve it. Hopefully you are able to celebrate in some way. My mom was my best friend...know that your kids love you more than anything!  I plan on keeping my normal plans for the day- I am going to drive home on Sunday. I create a flower box that stays with my parents in the cemetery from spring until late fall. Each year, I have a theme or reason for the flowers. This year, I asked my nieces and nephews their favorite colors. I bought silk flowers in those colors and added Mom and Dad's favorites as well. I always put them out on Mother's Day weekend. I will do that on Sunday and drive back to Creston. Yes, it will be a lot of car time, but totally worth it for me. No place I'd rather be. Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

God Bless,
Miss Surma

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Hello Parents,

Religion- The Google slides are due this Friday. Many of your kids have let me know they are already done. No "turn in" button when we do the slides. 

Reading- The making inferences worksheet on Tuesday was much better overall from all of them! Complete sentences! Capitalization! Punctuation and they showed real proof from the story! Now, most of them were like that. Some still need to work on that one.  Tuesday's main idea isn't looking too bad. Some are missing a point because they don't explain their answer fully. 

Book Report Notes are due on Monday. I sent them instructions on the final project. I also sent them to you just so you would know.  There is also homework for you.... creating a costume and sending me a picture of them in it by May 15. Thank you! 

Math- I so wish we were in the classroom. This week's work would be a lot easier for them, you and me. I am trying to get them to create simplified fractions by dividing by the biggest factor they both share. The biggest problem I have seen is that they leave it as an even number over an even number...which can be made smaller. 

On Monday, at 9 am I will meet with them on Google Meet again. 

Can you believe that Friday is May 1?  I can't believe we haven't been in school since mid is just so weird. 

Thanks again for all your help! I hope you enjoy the weekend. I am anxious to see Father's Christmas display Saturday night by school! That will be fun! 

God Bless,
Miss Surma

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Hi Parents,

Math- we have moved on to equivalent fractions. Most of them look to be doing okay on this. Next week we will move on to finding the Greatest Common Factor of a set a of numbers. This will lead us into simplifying fractions.

They need to remember to get on Dreambox and do their 7 lessons as well. I see that some haven't gotten on at all this week. 

Reading- I am continuing to work on reading comprehension skills by focusing on making inferences. This week I added finding the main idea. The biggest problem I see is having them write in complete sentences, remembering to punctuate and capitalize. The other thing both of these require is showing me proof from the story as to why it is true or false or why they think that way.  They can't just said so in the story.

They should also be working on their book report book and notes. The notes will be due on May 4 to me. I want to go through them a little bit to make sure I don't have any questions before they create their project. I think we will use the Google Slides for this. They are getting some good practice in right now with religion.

Religion- They should be creating their 8 slides for the Spiritual Works of Mercy . Those will be due to me on May 1. I posted a video on their Google Classroom to make sure they know how to insert pictures.

Thanks again for being patient as we all learn this new of teaching and using online services!
Give your kids a hug from me! I miss them. Let me know if they need my help!

It was great to see so many at the parade on Monday! Loved seeing all of your faces again! 😃

Have a great weekend! Enjoy this beautiful weather! Is Father Adam blessing your house? He is blessing mine on Saturday.

Stay healthy ❤ Stay home.

God Bless,
Miss Surma

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Hello Parents! Well, I hope you are all doing well. Isn't this just a crazy life we are living these days???

Thank you for being patient, especially this week! I know that Moby Max on Wednesday was a pain for some of your kids! I am still trying to figure out what happened.

I think we are figuring out KAMI between reading, math, and science. They just need to remember that most times they need to use the TEXT box, not the drawing.

In math-- we are working on fractions. I am just trying to see where they are with it. Some of them have done this with Dreambox so they are a step ahead. That's okay! If I see a lot of errors, I am sending it back to them to correct. I will re score it. Just like doing corrections at schools.

In reading they are working on making inferences. That is what they were supposed to do on Moby Max. I did see that some of the kids were missing questions but only spent 45 seconds on I am not sure they are really reading the story or the question. They will do more of that on Thursday, but this time they need to write out their answers.

Religion- We are just starting to work on the Spiritual Works of Mercy. We will do more with that in our Google Hangout on Monday morning at 9 am.

The one thing I am noticing is that they aren't reading the instructions we post with the assignment. So they either don't do it all or do it incorrectly.

They also need to pay attention to the SCROLL on their Google Classroom pages. Many ask questions that have been answered  and then someone repeats the same question. Hey wait...that is kind of like in the classroom too! LOL

Thank you for the quick response to the T-shirt order. I have them all and turned it in to Mrs. Stoner.

Again, thank you! For your support and patience! I hope this hasn't created too many headaches at home, but I understand. I feel like I am at my computer all day and into the evening. We will get through this, but I am praying for May 1!!!

Drive-by Parade is set for Thursday, April 16 from 3-4. Come down Clark Street from Elm St. Now, I see the weather I guess don't be surprised if we postpone it. 

Please give your kids a hug from me! Tell them I miss them! I will see them Monday morning at 9 am.
Stay safe. Stay home. Stay well!
God Bless,
Miss Surma

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Dear Parents,  WOW! I am loving this weather! It was great to see so many of you at the auction on Saturday. I hope everyone had a great time.

Spirit Day- We are moving this to Thursday since we are going to the Civic Center on Friday. They can wear sweats on Thursday for $1. K-2 will have their Spirit Day on Friday.

Field Trip- I told them to wear jeans on Friday. No shorts. They will also need a sack lunch and drink for the trip. I don't care if they have their devices for the bus ride. We do not allow anything that can use data to access the internet. All devices will stay on the bus while we are in the Civics Center. We will return by bus time. 
8:11 AM (7 hours ago)

Shorts- I told them that we are now in March and while the dress code says we can wear shorts, it doesn't mean we should. I reminded them that high of the day doesn't really occur until they are going home. Their recesses could still be cold or chilly. 

Math- This week they worked mostly on dividing decimals by decimals, but we also added zeros into our dividend.  We will be finishing up our lessons in the chapter this week. That means they will take a test before spring break. When we return from break we will begin with fractions.

Reading- This week they read a story about a boy who was trying to get his community to change an old basketball court  by his school into a community garden with focusing on helping the homeless. He had to attend the city council meeting to plead his case. He didn't win there. They voted on turning it into a parking lot for the teachers.  In the end , someone else from the town decided there was another location that would work for the he did win in a way. Plus, he gets to write another article for the town's newspaper. In grammar we are focusing on  indefinite and possessive pronouns. They will test over this tomorrow (Thursday) since we are gone on Friday.  Next week will most likely be the same since we only have 4 days.

Last week they learned to write haikus and cinquains. This week they picked one and typed it for me. They will be posted in the hallway during conferences so you can check them out!

Book Fair will be next week during conferences! 

Tomorrow the 5th graders will be taking the ACRE test. It is a standardized religion test. The 5th graders and 8th graders take it. This year we are trying it online! This is a test to see what they have learned over their time here about our Catholic faith. It is multiple choice.

March 30-Apr. 3 will be Iowa Assessments

I will see you next week for conferences! Have a good weekend! Enjoy the nice temps again! Don't forget to spring forward on your clock! 

God Bless, 
Miss Surma